AND GLADY TEACH by Bliss Perry
Kirkus Star


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Don't know why we slipped up on covering this in advance of publication -- but in any case, we don't want to run any risk of responsibility in our subscribers missing what we consider one of the outstanding autobiographies of our times. Bliss Perry represents the best in academic life -- he disproves all theories that educators are detached from life. And in his delightful reminiscences of seventy five years, we catch the contagion of a personality, humorous, warmly human, idealistic, sincerely fired with the sense of vocation, understanding. A book with a strong inspirational quality. Stands head and shoulds above the average autobiography in its happy blending of the intimate personal bits, and the philosophical inseeings that make one feel that the author is a personal friend -- guide and mentor. A book that will live -- and that should appeal not only to the wide circle of his former students and friends, but to mature readers everywhere.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin