TIMES SQUARE by Boabrice L. Heuser


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The blind alleys -- and back streets- of show biz, for the story of Linda Browne, who- kitten innocent, loses her heart to Stephen Royall, producer. His interest in her brings her the musical show parts she wants, on Broadway and the road, and leads to a love nest de luxe, constantly shifted because of Royall's possessive wife. Being Royall's ""girl"" to the exclusion of all else, Linda is able to find him three smash hits in a row; she becomes determined, meeting the wife, to prove her love for him. She weathers the high crest of the 20's, and Royall's decline during the crash of the 30's. Through her faith, perseverance and ingenuity, she gives him his chance for a comeback. With his return to topnotch ranking, she gets her chance at marriage.... In true confessional vein, for those who must live their lives vicariously.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1947
Publisher: Samuel Curl