IT'S THE IRISH by Bob Considine


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Not- let us hasten to say- a story about Notre Dame's football team, as the title would lead us to expect from a top-rating sports writer and commentator like the author. This instead, is a serious study of the Irish in America, from the potato famine in Ireland that precipitated their exodus, to their dominant position-still rish as well as American in every area of American life. Considine has done an objective and honest analysts, giving due consideration to their virtues and their vices. He goes back to the days when the rish bucked dislike, distrust and intolerance, and shows how they made their way and found their niches in the military, political, financial, construction, shipping, religious and educational fields. There are individuals- far more than one might expect-of major stature; there are groups, who have contributed to the making of our country. At times the book may seem boastful, but the honesty of the presentation of the record of the rish should give their descendants today justifiable cause for pride. The country over they have made their mark, so this is an all-American book, not just factional or regional.

Publisher: Doubleday