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Vengeance and money persuade young Argentines to join Scottish nationalists in an attack on one of Her Majesty's submarines. Jolly psychopath Martin Segunda (Hour of The Argentine, 1987) returns in this thriller from the author of Last of Everest, Autumn Tiger, and The Churchill Diamonds. Machismo in its most passionate form and $100,000 are the motivators as Colonel Jaurez, an unreformed Argentine militarist, puts together a team of young men--all of whom burn with the desire to repay England for their country's humiliation in the Falklands, particularly for the sinking of the warship General Belgrano. Jaurez has been contacted by a tiny, thoroughly nasty Scottish liberation organization with news of the opportunity to humiliate and punish the arrogant English. H.M.S. Conqueror, the very submarine that sank the Belgrano, is operating in shallow waters off the west coast of Scotland and is vulnerable to attack. Jaurez's saboteurs are all of British descent and speak fluent, if slightly dated, English. The plan is for them to sneak into the UK, link up with the Scots, swim underwater to the Conqueror, and plant enough limpet mines to sink the sub. The plans do not take into account the possibility of romance with the local lassies, a freak snowstorm, a local horse-race, or the arrival of the terrifying Senor Segunda, whose allegiance has been bought by the new Argentine regime--all of which come to pass. A melancholy adventure. The workable plot loses out, unfortunately, as the story rambles a bit, suffering from mild hypotension.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1988
Publisher: Walker