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by Bob Mayer

Pub Date: July 1st, 1991
ISBN: 0-89141-414-2
Publisher: Presidio/Random

 First novel, by an ex-Green Beret, in which America's eagerness to cut the Colombian connection plays into the hands of the worst of the druglords--and it is up to one wiry little soldier and a tough CIA lady to stop the fiend before he owns Colombia outright. The daylight execution of a Colombian national in suburban Virginia--a terrorist act that mows down a dozen innocent American teen-agers--provokes a military response built on secret information received from Colombia's desperate president. Under orders from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Special Forces Col. Mike Pike, a Vietnam hero, sends a band of Green Berets headed by tough Chief Warrant Officer Riley to Colombia to identify and eliminate a couple of big cocaine labs. The first operation works like a charm, but on the second run it becomes evident that the dopers are on to them. There is an intelligence leak, and even though the next operation is moved up and secrecy is enhanced, the effort is a disaster. Riley alone makes it out of Colombia. Ring Man, the druglord whose rivals lost their labs and incomes, appears ready to move in on the only other power in the country--a very frightened President Alegre. And the American powers that be seem to have lost their will to go to war. But Mike Pike has not given up, and Warrant Officer Riley wants very much to go back to look for survivors. So does Kate Westland, the straight-shooting CIA agent with whom Riley has become rather comfortable. Lots of gadgets, lots of guts, lots of action, but not much subtlety. The male-female bonding in battle is of interest.