FILETS by Bobby Nimocks


A literary treat for gourmet appetites
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The author’s debut collection of poems (and a short story) challenges everything from capitalism and consumerism to the institution of marriage.

“To claim / One size fits all / Takes gall / And smacks / Of social equality,” or so says Nimocks in his poem, “A Myth as Good as a Mile.” It’s from Part 1 of his collection, poetry that, for the most part, is rife with cynicism regarding primarily political issues, evident from simply reading such titles as “The Credit Card King” and “Conglomerated Amerika.” Some poems are whimsical, like equating a consumerist, nontraditional Christmas with nonalcoholic beer in “Ballad of the Christmas Blues.” Others are more confrontational, including the anti-hate but ultimately cheerless “The Only Trouble with This World is the People in It.” In Part 1, an introduction prefaces each poem; to make the work “more comprehensible” and “ensure understanding.” But these intros are superfluous. For example, “Streaking” opens with a definition of streaking, which simply quotes the poem on the succeeding page. “Beeline,” Nimocks’ ode to honeybees and Leatherwood honey, however, is as delicious as it sounds, with sweetness more akin to the work in the decidedly more upbeat Part 2, where the poems are allowed to stand on their own sans intros. Selections such as “Autumn’s Maple Red,” “Hiccup, Spit Up, Pooh & Tee” and “Animal Rites” are richer and more visual. “Hiccup,” not surprisingly, incorporates such choice words as “sputum” and “drooling.” The author’s lithe style ranges from classical rhyme to free verse. Part 3 completes the book with “Wait Until Spring, a Long, Short Story,” an amusing tale in which Sam and Dr. Sabbath discuss Sam’s inability to enjoy quality time with his wife—good-naturedly mocking birth control pills and certain physical discomforts. Other memorable poems in the collection are “View from a Kitchen Window,” another love song to autumn; and “Common Scents,” an ode to lovers and stick deodorant.

Indelible poetry that didn’t need the accompanying notes; should leave readers hoping for more.

Pub Date: April 12th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1468540451
Page count: 144pp
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Program: Kirkus Indie
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