UNDERSTANDING FEAR by Bonaro W. Overstreet


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Further sensitively interpreted, psychologically based self-understanding which explores the common constant of fear, the block between the individual and reality. From the fears we need to fear, this goes on to the fears which distort and destroy- in infancy and childhood (the fear-guilt-hostility cycle); the successive stages of insecurity through adolescence to the adult commitments of work, marriage, parenthood; the ""contractive experiences""- aloneness, invalidism, old age; the fears which are disguised as strength or love or goodness, and the fears which derive from society- war and economic disaster. The second part outlines a counteroffensive against fear; inducing confidence; encouraging self-acceptance; creating a permissive rather than authoritarian atmosphere; acquiring self-reliance and identification with others. The uncertain temper of the times not only creates but widens the audience for a book such as this which is intelligently conceived and commuted.

Publisher: Harper