SOD HOUSE ADVENTURE by Bonnie Bess Worline


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An uncomplicated story of the prairie and its farms in the days when the threat of Indian raids was not yet past is centered around the activities of young Phoebe Dawson and her growth to first maturity. The Dawsons, a sizeable family who came from the East, are pretty well established and hope to change their sod house for a frame one soon. While Mr. Dawson is off on a trip to buy supplies, Mrs. Dawson goes to help a neighbor with a baby and Phoebe and her younger brother Hartley are left in charge. They make a commendable go of things and when their parents return, further adventures include Phoebe's friendship with the neighbors her mother had gone to help and a gift of two horses from a grateful Indian chief, whose wife Phoebe and Hartley had once helped. Tame, but not without its own kind of young excitement.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1956
Publisher: Longmans, Green