THE CONFETTI MAN by Bonnie Jones Reynolds


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Bonnie Jones Reynolds, an actress-model, is the author of an earlier book (The Truth About Unicorns) almost as hard to explain as this--an elaborate, pretty pink nightmare which takes weeks. In fact years, 100 years or so, as progenitor-ghost Rip leaves a Trust of Everlasting Life to the first-born in each generation now in the hands of legatee Morrow (she's a girl) who is determined to preserve it with endless scrapbooks, trunks full of family papers, visitations to old caskets and crypts. Is there really, was there ever, a Confetti Man--the man in the portrait that flakes away like Morrow's skin (a strange legacy of dermatitis)? And what of Vin whom she falls in low with and marries in spite of his mother. She's killed, quickly, as are others in the harum-scarum story plotted in serial fashion from cliff to coffin. Frequently in this polterzeitgeist toes can be heard tapping. Clearly a sign of nothing more than impatience.

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1975
Publisher: Stein & Day