MY HOME IS SOMEPLACE FAR AWAY: An Autobiography by Bonnie Trust Dahan


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Bonnie was sick of the New York subway crazies, the swingles bars, her job as story editor for a big name producer, the noise, the pollution, the loneliness, the men on the make. . . and then one glorious day she met Yacov, a Moroccan-Israeli folksinger who played the Borscht Belt circuit. Suddenly she had a Meaningful Relationship and was no longer singing the single-girl-in-New York blues. Yacov, as you might expect, showed her there was a far, far better world and Bonnie changed from a perfunctory Jew to an ardent Zionist only waiting for the day they could go live in Israel. Bonnie writes it all down with dreadful term-paper decorum looking down her smug nose at all those ""liberated, independent, psychologically aware"" young ladies who despise marriage and complacently providing all the details of how she snagged Her Man. Right now they're living in Queens and saving for the little dream house and under her tutelage Yakov is much less a male chauvinist than he used to be. . . . Somehow it seems more suited to over-the-back-fence gossip than publication but they need the royalty checks for their little nest egg and after all how many good girls these days are writing their life stories? For the Junior Miss Yenta.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1972
Publisher: McKay