WITH NAPOLEON IN RUSSIA: Memoirs of General de Caulaincourt by
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WITH NAPOLEON IN RUSSIA: Memoirs of General de Caulaincourt

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The tragic story of Napeleon's campaigns in Russia has often been told but never more vividly nor with more personal detail than in this book, written by his Master of the Horse. Word for word, de Caulaincourt jotted down his conversations with the Emperor, while they were fresh in his own mind. And they bring him before us, vital, intimate, dramatic. De Caulaincourt criticizes Napoleon severely for the whole Russian Campaign. Prior to that period, he himself had served as Ambassador to Russia and knew personally the Czar and his country. He reveals in these memoirs the inadequate preparedness for the campaign, men who were not properly equipped, horses that were not even rough shod. The long and intimate conversations, while the two men were travelling together, are unmatched in any Napoleonic record, and every student of Napoleon will find the book an exciting and fascinating drama. Here's a book which is a ""must"" item for every collector of Napoleon, for many other readers interested in vivid personal memoirs of an interesting period. The story of the almost miraculous preservation of the manuscript makes good copy and the newspapers are sure to pick up the news note and give impetus to the public interest. Sell with The Road to Glory by F. Austin Britton (Stokes -- report page 281), which is published the day preceding, and which is spirited historical fiction dealing with the Italian campaign. The two should be mutually helpful, giving, the one the other, a chance for a plus sale. The publishers are backing the Hanoteau book as their non-fiction leader.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1935
Publisher: Morrow