THE ADVOCATE by Borden Deal


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Lawyer John Bookman is an honorable man. He may not start out that way but gosh! does he end up that way. In the beginning he's a man who's almost won the race for the governorship. Now settled, he's pursuing high fees on the court circuit and this involves defending the will of the rich eccentric, miserly, but shrewd old Sara Castle in her grave, last minute attempt to redeem her four grandchildren. The terms: James, the pennypincher has to give his funeral parlor proceeds to charity; frigid Harriet must have a baby in three years; Ben, the ""ne'er-do-well"" must learn to earn a living on a rag-tail farm; and Charlotte, the ""slut"" has to get herself to a nunnery. That adds up to some day in court! Another case involves the defense of Junior Reynolds, teenage bully and sadist, now killer, who has always been able to count on daddy's money buying him off. In the meantime, John has attached himself to a big real estate deal while some people are thinking of pushing him back into the political arena. Others are trying to keep him out and dredge up a two-year-old son conceived before John met and married Nancy who is frustrated by her own unfulfillment. All the extremities of Sudsville are showing, including the unctuously happy ending.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday