THE WINNER by Borden Deal


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John Bookman The Loser (1964) who became The Advocate (1968) is back in the concluding volume of the trilogy as the governor of his southern state with presidential ambitions. He's more than a charismatic crowd-pleaser at this point since the word of God seems to be whistling through him and he inaugurates his Bring our People Home program (he refers to blacks still as Negroes -- better than underling state senator Page who says ""niggers""). Fallen away is the once loyal Doug whose feelings about Bookman are probably as ambivalent as those the reader will bear toward him providing he has any at all; more certain is the conclusion when Bookman is felled by an assassin's rifle, concealed in a guitar case, and his wife lies bleeding by his side (a miscarriage). There is again a certain amount of refulgent sex on the theory that politics makes good bedfellows but all of it is as preplanned and reprocessed as the earlier books in the series.

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 1972
Publisher: Doubleday