I WANTED TO SEE by Borghild Dahl


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A book of signal personal achievement against physical odds, this story of a woman who could barely see and that with only one eye, but who in spite of handicap and disfigurement succeeded in the type of life she wanted. Supported, encouraged, by a mother who understood Borghild's obstacle but did not give in to it, she went to school, then on to the university, and finally into teaching which she accomplished largely from memory. She helped support her sisters and brothers, she took an M.A. at Columbia, she was awarded a scholarship in Norway, she taught in a college in the mid west, lectured widely, and finally faced what seemed like a hopeless setback when she lost what little vision she had. But another operation restored and slightly improved what sight she had, and she set forth on a new career as a writer. A book with inspirational rather than literary value.

Publisher: Macmillan