I AM A COSSACK by Boris Kamyshansky


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The sale of And Quiet Flows the Don should provide some sort of key to the market for this autobiography of a Cossack --although the substance is a far cry from that ruthless, vital, terrifying book. This is the life of a man of good position and comfortable income, educated as an engineer, and virtually commandeered for the work of the communist party, his family kept prisoner and in deadly fear that his previous anti-red activities be discovered. Eventually they escape -- and in this book he gives his impressions of the turmoil through which he lived, in sharp contrast to the peaceful scene of the simple country life of his boyhood, his training in the royal cadet school, his marriage, and his travels of investigation through Europe and America, to return to a Russia in chaos. Clear sighted --unhysterical -- human interest biography.

Pub Date: Sept. 19th, 1934
Publisher: Longmans, Green