THE NEW OUR BODIES, OURSELVES by Boston Women's Health Book Collective
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A comprehensive rewrite and update of the revolutionary 1969 guide to women's health--now, as then, in tune with the newest and most progressive developments. The changes are sweeping: there is less emphasis on medical solutions, and more on ""what we as women can do for ourselves and for one another""; nonmedical remedies and treatments, where available, are given equal time. (E.g., side-by-side with medical treatment for PID--pelvic inflammatory disease--is advice on heat application and visualization as healing aids.) The updating--on ""reproductive technologies,"" conception, obesity, and other areas--is accurate and right-to-the-minute. Brand-new sections appear on ""Women in Motion"" (exercise, activity) and ""Violence Against Women"" (prevention, treatment). Covered in detail are alcohol and smoking, environmental and occupational health, and growing older. The original goals remain: foremost, ""to reach as many people as possible with the tools which will enable them to take greater charge of their own health care and their lives, deal with the existing medical system and fight whenever possible for improvements and changes."" Some readers, as before, will not find the political and social viewpoints congenial; but for those who do, this is a primary sourcebook--medically reliable, wide-ranging, and firmly on the consumers' side.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Simon & Schuster