PARTY REFORM DOCUMENTS 1942-1944 by Boyd- Ed Compton


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A valuable and noteworthy collection of Chinese Communist Party documents which were the outcome of the 1942-1944 Cheng Feng reform movement. Included are writings of Tung, Liu Shao-Ch'l, Ch'en Jun and a piece on the Bolshevization of the Party written previously by Stalin. In his lengthy and searching introduction, it is editor and translator Compton's contention that the Cheng Feng movement was one to eradicate Russian dogma and to approach the practical solutions of problems peculiar to China. Although Red China has undeniable doctrinal linkages with Russia, many of which are firm today in matters of organization and method, the Chinese Communist Party created its own evolution, is centered by a strong Maoist cult, and as such, these reform documents are he Mein Kampl of a social order that is standing on its own feet. Compton also discusses he wartime party operations, the peculiarly strengthening situations that developed from Japanese aggression, the attempt at cooperation with the Kuomintang, and more of the historical relationship with Russia. The doctrines include treatises on education, party membership, extermination of foreign thought tendencies, reorganization and so forth. Again, valuable and important source material in the study and understanding of both historical and present day China.

Pub Date: Jan. 21st, 1951
Publisher: Univ. of Washington