JAKE & KATIE by Brad Solomon


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A sick Hollywood relationship--as reported by actor lake, whose career seems to be going nowhere, unlike that of his ex-roommate Alan, a sudden TV-series star and Malibu party-giver. Then: enter luscious Katie, whom lake meets one night in a bar and then keeps running into. He finds her positive attitude captivating: ""You're so young! You've got so much energy!"" And he doesn't really mind her reckless driving, her exhibitionist tendencies, her sexual pushiness. So Katie moves in and takes charge, heaping abuse on lake's crass lady agent (and sometime lover), getting lake jobs he never could get before, giving him confidence. But lake does begin to feel a bit uneasy when Katie's possessiveness turns violent, when she. starts toting a gun, when it turns Out that she's been buying him those jobs (with money or sex), when she forces him to sign an idiotic contract with her and then begins systematically ruining his career. And a little investigation digs up Katie's past: drug addiction and a family background that supplies good reason for her hating and destroying men. Why doesn't lake see through sick-o Katie sooner? Because that's the way it always is in contrived psycho-sexual melodramas. But the good stuff here--much terrific dialogue and some very convincing glimpses of the foul life of a non-star TV-and-film actor--may compensate for the undue length and the ugly transparency of the romantic/sadistic/masochistic goings-on.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1979
Publisher: Dial