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by Brad Taylor

Pub Date: July 16th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-525-95311-1
Publisher: Dutton

Taylor’s latest Pike Logan thriller.

A lab technician dies a quick and ugly death after exposure to an experimental virus. Nefarious Iranian forces get their hands on both the limited supply and its preventive vaccine, with the goal of reshaping humankind. Their plan is to inoculate Iranians and kill off the rest of humanity. To this end, they recruit a Chechen woman—a “Black Widow”—who is willing to martyr herself by taking the virus to the infidels. Along the way, Pike is surrounded by obstacles ranging from a fearsome antagonist to obstructive colleagues. Alongside him is tough-as-steel Jennifer Cahill. Their friendship is more than platonic and less than sexual. After surviving rough setbacks, Pike faces the ultimate challenge on his way to saving the civilized world. The themes of Islam and terrorism are timely, and Taylor does not burden the reader with technical descriptions of military hardware. The pace is quick, with plenty of point-of-view switches to show what the bad guys are up to. 

Don your hazmat suit, prop up your feet, and enjoy a good yarn.