BRIDE OF GLORY by Bradda Field
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A fictionized biography of the notorious and famed beauty who became Lady Hamilton, but who is better known in history and scandal sheets as the mistress of Charles Greville and the beloved of Lord Nelson. Very good reading, this, though there is plenty of 19th century language and atmosphere to shock the tender-skinned. The first third of the book tells in vivid and extraordinary detail of Emy's girlhood experiences, from charmaid in rags to doxy of various gentlemen of fashion, with an interim as model for a doctor with strange mesmeric powers. Then her rise in the social scale, her determined set to conquer the reluctant fancy of the ambitious Greville, and of how he foisted her off on his admiring and susceptible uncle, Lord Hamilton, then envoy to Naples. He eventually married her and she became a power in European politics, manipulator of individual fortunes, while frequently playing one man against another, lying to get out of hot water, tripping over her own trumperies, and finally establishing a triangle pattern of herself, Lord Nelson, and a chagrined but acquiescent Lord Hamilton. There is more substance, more lasting value, but some of the same pace and verve that made And So Victoria a best seller. Published in England under the title Miledi.

ISBN: 1417986131
Publisher: Greystone