THE TRILOGY by Brenda “BJ” Pearl  Walton


The Other Book Of God: Do You Know the Only Book of God?
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A semiautobiographical collection of opinions examines Christianity and contemporary topics.

Early in her debut work, Walton offers the admonishment that “when God tells people what I am telling them in my Books and Blogs on Judgment Day it will be TOO LATE for people to do anything about it.” What follows is an assortment of topics about which the author expresses passionate views. These range from the understanding that Satan is deceptive with his appearance—“I am talking about making sure people understand he does not come dressed with two horns”—to the idea that if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election, “it would have FORCED ‘The Rapture.’ ” Intermingled among such subjects, many of which have come from the author’s blog (, are bits of personal history. There is the time the author spent living in her car, her ongoing campaign to control her weight, and how she kept a list of people to pray for regularly. There are also single sentences of great importance that appear in capital letters. These range from the idea that “GOD HAS A VISION FOR ALL OF OUR LIVES” to “IF YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE AN ANIMAL ALWAYS BE CAREFUL AROUND OTHER PEOPLE WITH THEM AND ALWAYS CLEAN UP AFTER THEM.” Needless to say, the wide-ranging, candid book presents a great deal of intriguing material in a fashion that is nothing short of fiery. But the fervent passages sometimes become muddled. In addition to jumping from topic to topic, the book offers many sentiments that are awkwardly phrased. For example, the author mentions playing the lottery and how “the next ticket I purchased was the ‘Mega Millions,’ which Established it.” It is not entirely clear what is being established here. While the author fearlessly addresses controversial issues, these are not handled in subtle ways. At one point, she shares her firm position against the legalization of same-sex marriages: “While gays are celebrating their marriage victory they might as well start celebrating molestation too.” Although such statements are unapologetically incendiary, more nuanced insights would allow for illumination instead of one-dimensional shock.

While it remains laudably honest, this book will likely appeal mostly to Christian readers with similar views.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 2017
Page count: 335pp
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Program: Kirkus Indie
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