THE BEST BURGLAR ALARM by Brenda Seabrooke


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A heavy-handed jibe at the security-minded such as Aunt Felicia and Uncle Andrew, who have just installed a burglar alarm system when Belinda goes to visit them in San Francisco. Now, for fear of tripping it off, you can't walk here or there or sit on the window seat or go down the hall to the bathroom at night; and, worst of all, Felicia and Andrew have had to get rid of their three pets for the same reason. But during Belinda's first night there the alarm goes off three times--once for each of the pets as they find their way back home; and when other noises wake the family for the fourth time, it turns out that the cat, dog, and parrot have caught a real burglar too clever for the alarm. Contrary to the gist of her obvious message, Seabrooke's story is as mechanical as any electronic device.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1978
Publisher: Morrow