LUDELL'S NEW YORK TIME by Brenda Wilkinson


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At the end of Ludell and Willie (1977), Ludell's Mama (grandmother) had died and Ludell was dragged away from Georgia and her beloved Willie and off to Harlem by the mother she hardly knew. Here the faithful Ludell attends church with another down-home ""country"" girl (this one married with three children); resists invitations to parties from a ""fast"" girl upstairs; and, despite her mother's pushing her to forget Willie and apply to college, does little in New York but wait to get married when Willie can raise the fare North. But the couple's plans change when Willie is drafted, and he calls her back home to marry there before he goes. As in Ludell and Willie, all this true love can sound pretty sappy; and it's even more monotonous at long distance.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1980
Publisher: Harper & Row