TRAPP'S WAR by Brian Callison


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British naval action of the supremely improbable sort, garnished with enough shells and bombs to arm several battlewagons. As a midshipman in the Royal Navy in WWI, Trapp is the lone survivor of a U-boat torpedo. This capacity to survive gives him the feeling of a charmed life, but as years pass his cynicism deepens and hardens into a lust for profit. He commandeers the Charon, a freighter, from its owners and becomes something of a pirate. Come WW II, the Charon is appropriated by the Royal Navy, outfitted as a Q-boat (a supposedly unarmed ship whose hull plates drop and reveal heavy guns), and sent out on Mediterranean patrol with Trapp as captain. But his every move is still based on greed and when the opportunity to plunder a hidden German gold cache arises, he goes for it whole hog. PlenTy of tension but the truth is not in it.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1975
Publisher: Dutton