A WOMAN'S STORY by Brian Dyer


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When first met in West New York, New Jersey, Lulu Belle is 74-years-old, weighs in at 200, and has the clap. She's just been picked up on a prostitution charge and then sentenced to six months in the workhouse. But Clara Schmidt of the liberated Women Today is quick to make a cause of her even if Lulu isn't anxious to be exposed, exploited, or donated to. In between she summons up her earlier life before she became a heart-of-gold hooker--her dream of Hollywood with her friend Jeanette MacDonald, three men (well, the last was only a punk kid) who were real losers, etc., etc. Well, Lulu Belle's a nice old girl and deserved better; but as a book, what an unlikely trick or treat.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Mason/Charter