TURN KILLER by Brian Lecomber


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Ken Holland, an aerialist stunt man and pilot, ""needs to take risks."" He does just that and then some. First his Flying Circus mate Bill crashes over the Isle of Wight. Then his own plane is sabotaged right after someone shows up to buy a ""ratty old Auster"" Bill acquired in France. A game of deadly finders keepers ensues after that--the aircraft turns out to contain a million pound sterling collection of rare stamps stolen years ago by a former conseglieri whose family wants them back. Yet, it's only after he arrives in St. Kitts that the lucky daredevil of a protagonist realizes Don Scipio isn't about to play Let's Make a Deal. Tortured and defingered, Holland is indeed turned into a killer--a rather proficient one too as the body count climbs beyond most altimeter levels. Action aplenty even if it's a bumpy ride.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1975
Publisher: Simon & Schuster