THE CROSSING by Brian Rothery


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A puzzle of fixed parts and a finite -- but undetermined -- number of possibilities, this takes considerable advantage of its limitation. Peter Jacobson (whose name we only learn well into the novel) is marooned in arctic wastes with supplies running short and his new store dropped by mistake on the far side of some utterly (or so it seems) impassable terrain. Eventually it is revealed that Jacobson has been set up in Greenland as part of a study related to space exploration -- but by the time we meet him, all of his energies are now concentrated on the problem of reaching the cache. The situation is presented in such imposingly concrete terms and Jacobson's response is so convincing -- slow deliberations biting back panic, logic too tight to admit the obvious, numbing, unexpected failures -- that readers will be drawn into the hero's own sort of desperate tunnel vision.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1971
Publisher: Lippincott