HURDLES TO HEAVEN by Brian Whitlow


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At last a competent person has written a book about sin for the average layman to read. So many of the preceding tomes have been manuals for confessors of else guides for confirmands, with little reckoning made of the need of recognizing the fact that most of those wrestling with sin are neither. This analysis is for normal adults, and precedes its treatment of the seven classical sins by an analysis of the nature of sin and temptation. The book is further valuable for delineating so clearly the way back to God for the sinner estranged from Him. It doesn't hurt the book at all that the writing is lucid and easily read, and the treatment of the subject so careful that the reader's easy response is, ""Of course"". This book is not written down, but the work is so clear that even Junior High youngsters would understand it.

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Harper & Row