KNIGHT ERRANT by Brien Connell


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A most favorable biography of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. by a British newsman and correspondent may be something of a revelation to many Americans unaware that the son of a moving picture star, a star on his own, and an international figure has made a serious name for himself in fields far distant from the entertainment world. His life with his mother and with little attention from his famous father; his early entry into pictures and the competition which worked into a real friendship with his father; his marriage to Joan Crawford and his ups and downs in Hollywood; the increasing friendships and interests in England; his second marriage and active service in the Navy during the war -- this is a prelude to the young man's awakening determination to make use of his celebrity value for the causes of good. The war years saw him on many missions; he had Roosevelt's and Truman's friendship; his special talents took him behind scenes; he won his awards fairly; he is accepted by the Royal Family. His post war activities have been many -- CARE was one of his serious occupations, as was American Relief for Korea, and the battering of British-American relations- with television his immediate professional concern. A flattering -- but a likeable -- picture which polls his critics as well as his admirers, this may be a surprise packet for the moompix public.

Pub Date: June 2nd, 1955
Publisher: Doubleday