OVER THE HILL TO THE SUPERBOWL by Brig & Chuck Cascio Owens


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Last year's Super Bowl winner was the Miami Dolphins, the first team in professional football history to go through a season undefeated. But the talk of the sport was George Allen's Washington Redskins, dubbed the ""Over the Hill Gang,"" aging gladiators who muscled their way through a much more rugged schedule, game after game a do-or-die encounter with the inexorability of Father Time, in the end to be defeated by the younger but no tougher Dolphins. Owens, a Redskins defensive back, recapitulates the year from the first exhibition game to Super Sunday, limiting his chronicle mainly to on-field activities with only an occasional glimpse behind the sweaty uniform -- going to the movies with teammates, his work as Coin-Boy Chairman for the Leukemia Society, quiet evenings with the family. Owens' devotion to Coach Allen is outright idolatry and there's nary a complaining word about comrades -- all, like him, seem dedicated to Allen, to winning, and to Spartan conditioning. Dull really, these old footballers of last season fame.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1973
Publisher: Luce--dist. by McKay