WINGS FOR PEACE by Brig. Gen. Bonner Fellers


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An extremely simplified and often repetitious treatise advocating for the United States and its allies, a strong air force of long range bombers as the only means of staving off war with Russia. The Russian air force with its potential ability to drop atomic and hydrogen bombs on American cities, maintains the author, is our worst threat. Ground forces such as those established by NATO will be of no avail in saving Europe under attack, and are a vestige of the traditional military line-holding tactics that cannot successfully operate in a world whose nature has changed so that adequate defense must be counted in knowledge as to the whereabouts of enemy planes and bombs and the power to obliterate them before they get in to the air. To support his point, Gen. Fellers criticizes our policies of containment in the East and West in an examination of how they have psychologically helped Stalin, NATO's tenuous balance being a prime example. The speculation of course that Russia has her own inner weaknesses and may in time reform, is not left out, but in the main it is incumbent upon us to realize we need the world's best air force.

Publisher: Regnery