THE FRESH AIR KID by Brigette Roux-Lough


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Leigh leaves her Bronx home to live for two weeks with the benevolent, clean-cut, yuppie Bensons. At first, Leigh is too tough for the Bensons, and they seem too alien to her; but when it's time to go home, they all have regrets. The lession? Learn to give and take--and to bend a little. Unfortunately, it won't matter to readers. The writing here is glib and unrestrained; it spreads points-of-view scattershot through the narrative, and while ideas abound, they are never rooted solidly in the story. The stereotypes are appalling: Leigh has an alcoholic mother and an abusive, absent father, while in the pristine suburbs Mr. Benson wants his children to participate in a race just so they can all be together, and Mrs. Benson loves everyone so much that she can't stop talking about it.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1990
Page count: 210pp
Publisher: Viking