NOT BY ANY SINGLE MAN by Brigid Knight


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A fairly sober animation of history, which, in covering the years 1783 to 1813 in England's story, focusses on the love between Catherine and Roger and the fortunes of their country during the years of foreign wars. Catherine, with determination and calm serenity, follows her fate with Roger Gray, in spite of his absences in the interests of his country when he poses as a smuggler and, later, when his illegitimate daughter is sent to him after her mother is murdered in the French Revolution. Catherine fights her hatred of Medeleine, and eventually discovers that Madeleine, rather than her own three children, softens the desolation of her partings from Roger. But when the truth of her parentage is told, Madeleine turns against Catherine, finds satisfaction in William Pitt's household, as a servant. A romantic meeting with Sir Francis Dallas brings about Madelaine's happy marriage which ends in her husband's sudden death and a fight to the finish with her mother-in-law. A final return to Catherine rounds out the picture of stout, oaken hearts and invincible belief and courage. A book for women who wish to be treated with respect for their intelligence.

Publisher: Doubleday