RACHEL AND OBADIAH by Brinton Turkle


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Turkle's engaging little Quaker boy takes a back seat here to little sister Rachel. All Nantucket awaits the Speedwell's return from sea; miller Jacob Slade is primed to spot the ship from his hilltop; and the two children run a race to see which of them will qualify to bring the news to the captain's wife. No girl has ever carried such a message before, but miller Slade is willing to give Rachel a chance, and Obadiah cockily gives her a head start--but then, true hare to her tortoise, he stops to pick a bushel of blackberries on the way. And so Rachel is first to return to the mill, where Slade is waiting to send her back to town--for there, as he shows her through the spyglass, are the sails and the ""all's well"" flags of the approaching Speedwell. More than previous Obadiah stories, this seems manufactured to order, but it's a strong order and Turkle fills it with his usual loving care. Rachel as pictured is as winning as her brother, and a return visit to Turkle's Nantucket is always a pleasure.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1978
Publisher: Dutton