THE SEARCH FOR FREDRIK by Britt G. Hallquist


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The premise that blood is thicker than water is the basis for this mildly interesting story for 8 to 11 year olds. Raili and Pavo have come from Finland to live with foster parents in Sweden. On the pretext of visiting a friend, they set out in search of their older brother Fredrik, whom they have not seen in six years. To no avail, the children track down clue after clue, but, building a reputation of irresponsibility and recklessness, the elusive Fredrik goes from job to job, with Pavo and Raili two steps behind each time. After several adventures, the children return home defeated and confess all to their forgiving foster parents. A surprise ending is in store when Fredrik appears, a reformed character, ready to settle down. Poorly motivated from every viewpoint. Fredrik never attains substance either through flashback or appearance. Thus, enthusiasm for the eventual reunion becomes impossible to generate. Considering their hazy memories and the secure happy life they now lead, one seriously doubts the likelihood of two children embarking on such a search.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Watts