SATAN CAME TO EDEN by Brockman Walter as told to Dore Strauch


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A sensational account of the much publicized goings on of an oddly assorted group on an island in the Galapagos. Dore Strauch has gone there with a Dr. Ritter, to test out their shared theories of the simple life. But scientific investigation and observation are interrupted by occasional visits of yachts, trading vessels, and ultimately five young Germans, with whom they manage to escape much contact. Then the disruptive force of the notorious ""Baroness"" and her lovers arrives on the scene, and the balance of the story tells of emotions gone rampant, evil in the air, eventually madness and murder. As told it sounds credible though fantastic. Market sensation seekers, readers who have followed the story from time to time in the papers, readers who like to delve into morbid human interest material.

Publisher: Harper