ANTONIO by Bronson Potter


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In a Portuguese fishing village a youngster with a minor disability, who'd rather be an ordinary seaman than the skillful ox-boy that he is, saves his father and the others in a storm -- and doesn't get a berth. How he corrals the schoolteacher and the rich landowner, signals the boats to enter an unfamiliar cove, loads his oxen onto the landowner's truck, recruits the latter to handle the oxen while he rides the waves to his father's boat, make for some, tense, rueful moments; but the surprise, in such a stock nautical situation, is the open end. The storm doesn't start until after a slow first third and youngsters who stay around for Antonio's recognition and reward will be disappointed; still, it bucks the currents and, picturing attitudes and roast sardines, this could be Portugal.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1968
Publisher: Atheneum