ON YOUR OWN by Brooke Shields


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Is this our Brooke--she of the Klein tush and starkers aquacade in Blue Lagoon? Princeton has changed her. Prom-and-pompom advice for the college girl on health (nutrition and exercise); make-up; making good grades (""My best study trick for tests and exams is preparing review sheets""); dealing with parents (""mom's advice is right more often than not""); friends and boyfriends--and ""what virginity means to me"" (""For me, love and sex go together,"") and scads of things ""that mean a lot to me"" in her career, of which she's proud. A paste-and-paper job from old Freshman Guides, Weekly Readers and the women's mags--or was it dashed off by Brooke between review sheets? The big attraction: plenty of photos both going to College and (professionally) Coming On.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1985
Publisher: Villard/Random House