AS STARS FOR ALL ETERNITY by Brother Francis Patrick- Ed.


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The 52 Meditations for Teachers included in this book represent the spiritual and pedagogical tradition of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, more commonly known as the Christian Brothers. The meditations are developed in formal terms of ""Considerations"" followed by ""Applications"". They are serviceable for Catholic teachers and parents of children of elementary and high school age. The topics range from the most general to the more particular. Emphasis is placed on the perfect wedding of personal spirituality and one's vocation as a Christian teacher. The religious and moral virtues required for effective education of the young are stressed more than are the intellectual, and it is principally in connection with the religious and moral training of his pupils that the teacher's character and motivations are worked upon in the content of the meditations. The style is undistinguished, except for the quotations from Scripture and from other important sources. The ""Considerations aim to relate the spiritual life intimately with the teaching vocation, to provide a basis for the teacher's activity to represent an overflow of his personal spirituality. The ""Applications"" are always directed to individual examinations of conscience or resolutions connected with one's spiritual progress or failure as manifested in his dealings with his pupils. Given a native talent, intellectual ability and solid learning, he should be growing in stature as a teacher, and making progress in his own spiritual development.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1959
Publisher: Bruce