GOD'S SMUGGLER by Brother W.J. with John and Elizabeth Sherr Andrew


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This is the story of Brother Andrew, a Dutch born Baptist missionary of England's Worldwide Evangelical Crusade (WEC). Andrew's story is unusual in that his mission territory was unusual: the communist countries of Europe and Asia--Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Bulgaria, Rumania, Russia, and China. His specific accomplishment was to provide the pastors of those countries with Bibles in the languages of their countries, and this book explains, in a style remarkable for its simple charm, how he went about the job. The sophisticated reader will have little patience with Brother Andrew's naive dependence upon divine intervention to get him out of tight situations, or with the childish, rather than child-like, nature of his observations upon life and faith and the condition of humanity behind the Iron Curtain. But for what it is supposed to be--i.e., ""the story of a simple, courageous man""--the book will appeal to readers who might want an unusual combination of inspiration cum adventure.

Pub Date: Nov. 27th, 1967
ISBN: 0800793013
Publisher: New American Library