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: Based on the 2003 International Residential Code

by Bruce A. Barker

Pub Date: June 15th, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-58736-753-3

A thorough reference guide that explains code requirements for residential buildings, top to bottom.

Barker, licensed contractor and president of a building inspection and consulting firm, has compiled a complete summary and explanation of the International Residential Code, or IRC. This book is not a how-to manual for residential construction, though Barker does provide brief tips on locating a qualified contractor. Designed to supplement the IRC as an easy reference for contractors, inspectors and real-estate agents, the book examines each aspect of the IRC in clear detail. Barker ably addresses each topic and provides a glossary, photographs, tables and labeled diagrams to supplement the material. The guide covers the requirements for a residential building from bottom to top, including material requirements for a foundation; interior and exterior wall construction; roof and ceiling requirements; energy efficiency; and plumbing and electrical. Drawing on his experience in the building trades, Barker stresses topics that he considers to be of great importance, such as flashing. Additional topics such as radon, broadband wiring and manufactured homes appear in the appendix. Designed to allow quick reference, this manual includes a table of contents that is a complete outline of the chapters and subsections, as well as an index and a global glossary that defines building materials and parts from baluster to rabbet as a supplement to the topic glossaries. The writing is straightforward and concise without embellishment; instructions are precise and the reader is referred to the local code when necessary. Barker provides example calculations for many operations to ease the transfer of information from words to practicality.

An easy-to-follow, complete reference recommended for anyone involved in the construction or remodeling of residential buildings.