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How to Take Care of Yourself in Wild Country. A Manual for Field & Service Men. Thus is the book sub-titled. Originally designed for text book use in colleges of forestry and conservation, it has, most assuredly, a special application today, with thousands of men going into tropical jungles and arctic regions, with only a few months training as preparation for an experience which will doubtless afford drastic change from previous life. Civilians, too, -- who venture into the wilds -- will find sections of this book 'valuable. Camps -- boy scout and girl scout libraries -- walking clubs, etc. are possible markets...Mere's a manual for use when you cannot phone the doctor or go to the corner drugstore, and when minor injuries, incident to the wilds (blisters, cuts, infections, sun burn, snow burn) may well spoil your value or pleasure, as the case may be. There is sound advice on such emergencies as getting lost in the woods, on food supply supplemented by what nature offers, on what to eat and drink and what not to, on dangerous and harmless animals, snakes, insects, on poisonous plants, -- prevention and cure. There are good lists of equipment, contents of first aid kits, field emergency kits, and the and don'ts of life in the wilds. Supplements a first aid book, and includes a good deal I've not seen in other books on camping, etc.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1943
Publisher: Univ. of Minnesota