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FOUR WHEEL DRIFT by Bruce Carter Kirkus Star



Pub Date: April 13th, 1960
Publisher: Harper

The European course is the arena for this story of two car racing enthusiasts. Nick Bailey, a car salesman, and Sam Jetson, a baker's truck driver, have two things in common. Both are fanatically dedicated to auto racing, both are so lacking in funds as to be excluded from the major competitions. Together they form a team and after much frustration they achieve their goal:- Sam, as an expert designer, and Nick, as a racer, enter the world of racers in the capacity of full citizens. Besides the lavish display of racing data and auto pyrotechnics, Four Wheel Drift convincingly depicts the spirit of those young men, who, with the makings of champion drivers, and the loyalty of troopers, must overcome the practical barriers of this exclusive and stimulating world. Convincing from start to hair breadth finish.