THE CONSCIENCE OF ISRAEL; Pre-Exilic Prophets and Prophecy by Bruce C.M. Vawter

THE CONSCIENCE OF ISRAEL; Pre-Exilic Prophets and Prophecy

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In this day of renewed interest in the study of biblical literature this book on prophetism will provide Catholics with a commentary in an area which they should know better. Drawing on the advances in archeology linguistic studies and other related sciences, the author examines and summarizes the most assured results of the historical process in attempting to determine the inspired meaning of the scriptures as it applies to an understanding of the Prophets of Israel. While much has been written about the biblical figures of the Old Testament, Father Vawter is convinced that there is much that has not been said. The Conscience of Israel fills these gaps by portraying the prophets against the backdrop of the time in which they lived. The author deals with the prophets in their roles as Messengers of God to Israel and their fragmentary and varying utterances of the prophecies are tied to the New Testament pattern. Any open-minded reader of this book will undoubtedly want to seek out the prophetical books to make a fuller personal study of the writings therein. If no other result would follow, the book will have served a good purpose.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1961
Publisher: Sheed & Ward