ROUGH CUT by Bruce Cook


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The second case for private eye Chico Cervantes (Mexican Standoff, 1988) finds him agreeing to bodyguard Ursula, the blue-jeaned, mink-jacketed daughter of movie mogul Heinrich Teller while she completes production on Faust, a film they hope will keep the family out of chapter 11. Someone, however, doesn't wish them well; they blew away Ursula's chauffeur in Munich; and an interloper shot dead at their L.A. estate had a snake tattoo, a San Quentin emblem worn by the Companeros, a rough gang headed up by Jaime. And someone's been following Chico's pregnant girlfriend, Alicia. While Chico tries to deal with Jaime, the current president of Majestic Pictures, and the representative of a mysterious world-wide snooping service, Intertel, the libidinous Ursula falls hard (and often) for Casimir Urbanski, the star-struck cop Chico subcontracted to babysit her. The Companeros invite Chico to a hanging (his own), and the bodies and bullets fly every which way before gun-loathing Chico wraps up the case--just in time for Alicia's delivery. Part farce, part routine p.i. rigamarole, but Alicia's as delicious as ever, ditto her staunch defender and protector, Pilar.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1990
ISBN: 312-05149-2
Publisher: St. Martin's
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