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THOR’S WEDDING DAY by Bruce Coville


by Bruce Coville & illustrated by Matthew Cogswell

Age Range: 9 - 11

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 2005
ISBN: 0-15-201455-1
Publisher: Harcourt

The irrepressible Coville retells a rare and funny tale from Norse mythology, adding only a few details and a young human narrator. Great is the wrath of Thor when he discovers that his mighty hammer has fallen into the hands of the Giant Thrym, who demands the hand of Freya in exchange for it. Likewise great is the wrath of Freya when Thor asks her to do the deed—so at Loki’s suggestion it’s Thor himself who dons a veil and wedding dress, setting out for the wedding feast with a similarly clad Loki to do the talking, and Thialfi, tender of Thor’s talking goats, as a servant. Playing this scenario for all it’s worth, Coville gives Thialfi an important role in winkling out the giant’s intended double-cross, and closes with a grand but not particularly violent mêlée once Thor and his hammer are reunited. Written in an informal tone and illustrated with plenty of line drawings (not seen), this makes a hilarious alternative to Shirley Climo’s more earnest rendition of the myth, Stolen Thunder (1994), illus by Alexander Koshkin. (afterword) (Fiction. 9-11)