THE NIGHT ACTION by Bruce Douglas Reeves


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...flows fast and heavy and the scene switches faster than you can say Carol Doda. Making it, or trying to, are an assortment of characters with every hangup in the book. Take Becky Sparkman, ""unbearably sexual"" first seen posing as a nude model in one of the gimmick clubs; she's irresistible and bounces along enthusiastically from bed to bed. Her partners include two roommates: Austen who likes sex and hates people but loves himself even more, and Rob Roy who's in love with love. Then there's Stanley who caters to Gentlemen Junkies. He's in love with Eddie Eddy AC-DC who cops out with Becky and gets killed for his change of pace. They all drift in and out of each other's lives pausing occasionally to ponder feelings of alienation or to contemplate the current hang-over. And then it's back to the action in and around San Francisco's discotheque derbys: ""No top. no bottom...Swim, twist, create on our King-Sized Dance Floor."" The author does a good job in conveying the weird hypnotic atmosphere at these happenings, his style is subdued Tom Wolfe. But those are caricatures out there on the floor and after a while all those swirling lights and that music can give you a headache.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1966
Publisher: New American Library