GAMES PETS PLAY or How Not to be Manipulated by Your Pet by Bruce Fogle

GAMES PETS PLAY or How Not to be Manipulated by Your Pet

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In his second book, a follow-up to Pets and Their People (1984), Fogle offers further keen observations on human/pet relations, utilizing transactional analysis techniques. Fogle, a London veterinarian, examines the symbolic roles that dogs and cats play in people's lives--quasi-human child, best friend, even parent--and sheds light on the sometimes enigmatic and often complex interractions that go on between the two species. Through case histories and warm personal anecdotes, Fogle examines the typical ""games"" that pets play--dominance/submission, starvation/gluttony, attachment/separation, and so forth--from both the pet and owner's point of view. For example, during puppyhood a dog will naturally try to dominate by barking, biting, pulling, etc., and it is up to the owner to assume the dominant role of ""pack leader"" and let the dog know its social position at the bottom of the family hierarchy. Throughout there are helpful tips on everything from introducing a baby into a pet-occupied home to recognizing feline and canine psychosomatic illnesses and contending with the loss of a beloved pet. Charmingly illustrated, and sprinkled with literary quips from the likes of Benchley and Thurber. A sensible--and sensitive--approach to improving relationships with your pets.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1987
Publisher: Viking