SIX GUN by Bruce Grant


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A sequel to War Path (1954 p. 44) continues the story of Brick Burnett whose brother Sul had spent years of captivity with the Comanches. Now a young Texas Ranger, Brick is sent to a new assignment, but as he goes, he has the haunting feeling he may run into Sam Bass, a colorful figure who used to hang around Brick's home town of Denton. Reports of increased banditry are abroad and, on a hint from Sul and permission from his commander, Brick goes home to see what he can discover about Sam. The following chase is a long, winding affair. It brings up a moral, that the basically good-hearted Sam might have gone straight under different circumstances, but it is a point that could be less extensively defined.

Pub Date: July 29th, 1955
ISBN: 0548384916
Publisher: World