THE MASTER PLAN by Bruce Jack Freshman


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Just about the worst Fourth Reich thriller ever--featuring a neo-Nazi cult in America led by Eva Braun's sister, brother-in-law. . . and son (fathered by you-know-who, of course, and secretly brought to the US by submarine in 1945 babyhood). Now, of course, this Hitler Jr. is going incognito, under the name of Tyson Weber; and, funded by vast Nazi loot-wealth, Tyson rises in the US establishment--from Harvard Law to Senator and finally Presidential Candidate. Can anyone stop Hitler's son from becoming Prez? Special White House agent Alan Bellinger tries to: he was Tyson's nemesis at Harvard and is now investigating the strange deaths surrounding Tyson's rise. But Tyson, who has his own assassination bureau, is too powerful: he's elected, and Alan is blown up in a helicopter during the inauguration. Witless and wooden--the neo-Nazi pits.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1981
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill